Chaga Cooking & Beverage Recipe Ideas

The following ideas are for using brewed Chaga elixir see Chaga brewing instructions.

The first time a Lumino Chaga sachet is brewed there is a strong tannin flavor. Use this brewing to mix half Chaga with coffee or hot chocolate.

Chaga can be used to create a number of drinks such as lattes, smoothies and as an addition to power drinks.

You can also use this first brewing for Chai, add to your own recipe or (try Spicy Chaga Chai).

Make Chaga ice cubes for a simple addition to any smoothie or power drink.

Cold or iced Chaga has less tannin flavors and can be enjoyed with or without sweeteners or additions.

The strong initial brew can also be used in sauce recipes that call for wine or broth, (more cooking ideas below).

Repeated brewings of these sachets are smooth and rich enough to drink straight, with sweeteners, milk or milk substitutes. If you are trying to reduce your caffeine intake, Chaga is an ideal coffee substitute.

Experiment with adding herbs or spices to the Chaga while it is brewing. Add a peeled two-inch piece of fresh ginger root to the brewing Chaga. Control the amount of ginger flavor by adding at the start of brewing for the strongest impact or towards the end for more of a hint of ginger.

Ginger Chaga served hot is a bracing beverage. Served cold and mixed with seltzer water, lemon or lime and a touch of sweetener makes a great ginger beer.

Another easy addition when brewing is adding a vanilla bean.

Adding Chaga to Food Recipes

Chaga can fully or partial replace liquid ingredients in recipes from soups to desserts. Its main contribution to the taste palate is umami. This is the elusive savory quality that comes from certain amino acids. It makes vegetables taste more satisfying and exciting.

Incorporate Chaga liquid elixir into food recipes. Substitute half Chaga for wine when deglazing a pan for a sauce. It is especially delicious as a fish or steak sauce when combined with shallots, capers, mustard, lemon zest, wine and cream.

Basting a roasting chicken with Chaga, wine, butter and lemon juice makes a beautiful very tasty skin. It is also fantastic in a braise or marinade for pork or lamb. Use as an addition to meat or puttanesca tomato based pasta sauces.

Many Chaga users keep a crock pot of Chaga constantly brewing just replacing water and Chaga as needed. Doing this creates a rare and powerful elixir for beverages and cooking uses.

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