Chaga Brewing Instructions

These brewing instructions are for Lumino Wellness Chaga Sachets. Lumino’s oxygen-bleached cotton paper sachets are filled with a half-ounce of ground Chaga, making brewing easy and convenient.

Continuously Brewing in Crock-Pot

Continuous brewing requires almost no effort or time and this amazing health elixir is always available and at the perfect temperature.

This slow method also releases the optimal amounts of nutrients.

One of the fascinating aspects of Chaga brewing is the incredible amount of water you can replenish before it dilutes the elixir.

Chaga brewed continuously, creates a new and incredible taste experience every day. At first you have the tannins, see recipes for use. After a day or two these are replaced with a delicious strong fermented tea flavor. Around day three or four, the vanilla undertones and fragrance are produced for a couple of days. Followed by a remaining hint of vanilla with a taste somewhat between coffee and tea.

The best brewing temperature is between 160-180 degrees F. This temperature is the low setting on most crock pots. For small batch brewing use a 2.5-quart round crock pot.

If you would like to have more elixir readily available, use a larger crock pot and double the following for sachets and water.

Begin by putting one Lumino sachet in the 2.5-quart crock-pot and add 6 cups of water. Let it brew for at least eight hours.

After brewing eight hours, the Chaga color should be as dark as strong black coffee, ladle out what you need, replacing the water as you use it or it evaporates. Continue to brew using this one sachet and replacing water as liquid elixir is used.

When color of Chaga liquid looks more like tea than coffee, do not remove the sachet, however add another sachet and more water keeping the level to six cups.

For the optimal flavor, you should keep reusing the sachets until they tear. The more the sachets are brewed, the smoother and more full flavored elixir they produce.

After a week or two turn the crock-pot off and allow liquid to cool to room temperature. When cool, empty the liquid in to a storage container. Save sachets, if any sachet bags have ripped use a strainer to catch the loose grounds, as you empty the liquid. Loose grounds can be disposed of or used in compost.

Brewed Chaga can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 14 days.

Wash crock-pot, return used sachets and add a new one then add six cups of water. Or instead of storing the already brewed Chaga, you can add it to the crock-pot, adding enough water to keep the level of liquid at six cups.

Chaga Tea

Brewing a Chaga “Tea” Decoction

Chaga makes an excellent tea. It is quick and has a bit more tannin flavor than the longer brews that have more vanilla/coffee undertones.

A sachet of Chaga will make at least four cups of “tea” depending on how strong you like it. Steep it in a tea pot or in a quart measuring cup.

Heat water to just below boiling and pour over the Chaga. Let the sachet steep at least five to ten minutes.

Store the sachet in your refrigerator until you are ready to use again.

A sachet of Chaga will make at least four cups of “tea” depending on how strong you like it. .

The same sachets can be re-brewed to make more pots of tea. However, using the sachets for a tea decoction will not produce as many cups as sachets brewed in a crock pot, nor is this method recommended for cooking uses.

These brewing instructions are just guidelines, make your Chaga weaker or stronger depending on your preference.

Become a Chaga pro with Chaga Recipes for Food and Drinks. Buy Lumino’s Chaga Mushroom Powder.